Here you will find all my build posts. Have a scroll through and I hope you enjoy 🙂

Lavender Purple

Purple is the colour of royalty, of luxury and wealth and that’s exactly what you get with this luxury home for Generation 6 of the Colour Legacy Challenge. With 5 bedrooms….

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Christmas Time!

And just like that it’s already Christmas and the end of 2021! Well we can’t say that 2021 certainly wasn’t eventful, and I know this year isn’t what we all hoped for but I believe that going through all these tough times are showing us that we are building ourselves up to be stronger ready to tackle whatever 2022 is going to throw at us!

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River Blue

River Blue is the home for the 5th Generation of the Colour Legacy . With different shades of blue to calm your soul and keep you grounded, this lovely 3 bed family home with a sizeable garden will suit all your needs.

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Joshua Duplex

Joshua Duplex is the home for the 4th Generation of the Colour Legacy. The twins are inseparable and green fingered so it was only right to give them a home built together that has garden space to grow their plants.

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Whisperwind Farmstead

Whisperwind Farmstead is the idyllic country land lying in wait for a Sim with a passionate dream to start their own farm. This beautiful 3bed farm home will be the perfect home to raise a family of farm lovers. 

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Rhodes Ranch

Rhodes Ranch is a luxury Tuscan style home that just oozes charm and good vibes. It’s a perfect home for growing families or for those successful business types looking to show guest’s a good time during parties. There also a sizeable pool in the garden and a little gardening patch to grow whatever your Sims like. 

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Golden Yellows

Golden Yellows is the home for the 3rd Generation of the #colourlegacy challenge. Yellow is happy, it reminds you of the sun and holidays in the sun and that gives happy feelings. This modern style home will give all those feels with its bright exterior walls, sunny plants and the interior lovingly decorated.

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Club Sapphire

Come and party at Club Sapphire, the newest up-and-coming hotspot. With multiple bar areas, a huge dance floor and the hottest dj’s in town, you are sure to make some great memories here. If your not into the club scene then just hop into the sports bar, enjoy a drink, watch your favourite team or even burst into song on the karaoke.

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