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I never know where to start with these sorts of things but here we go….I’m 31 years old and from a town in the West Midlands of UK. I’m a Kitchen Assistant, mum of 2 wild boys and a cat mum to a shorthair tabby.

Life can be really hectic at times so when I do get time to myself I love looking at and trying new recipes I’ve found to make for my family. I have an obsession love for Pinterest, so a lot of things I create are inspired from there whether it is food recipes or art & crafts. In the evenings, I get out my cross stitch and get cosy on the sofa or I get deep into building on The Sims.

Why do I love The Sims? I first started playing The Sims 2 back in 2004 when me & my sister got the game for Christmas and we were both hooked instantly. With only 1 shared computer we had to take turns and that’s when I found the love of building homes for our Sims….I built the houses and she would do the gameplay – even to this day I’m still the builder and she’s still the gameplayer :grin:. Playing/building on The Sims became a way to escape reality during my teen years when I was bullied at school. I’m sure like everyone else who plays the game, it gave me a chance to play God and create a life I dreamed of having.

Then during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020/2021 The Sims 4 really played a huge part in keeping me sane!! And it was during the Lockdown after the New Year 2021 when I decided I would share my builds with my fellow Simmers!

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