About Me


I never know where to start with these sorts of things but here we go….I’m 30 years old and from a town in the West Midlands of UK. I’m a full-time mother to my 2 boys, 8 & 4 and a cat mum to a shorthair tabby.

My eldest has an undiagnosed hidden disability so sometimes days with dealing with it can be draining but seeing his excitement and enthusiasm for the little things in life really make the bad days’ worth it. My youngest is developing into such a little character, I find myself laughing along with him daily as there always something new he comes out with.

When I’m not in mum mode, I love looking and trying new recipes I’ve found to make for my boys and my family. I have a love for Pinterest, so a lot of things are inspired from there whether it is food recipes or art & crafts. In the evenings, I get out my cross stitch or a good book and get cosy on the sofa.

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