Bit of Time Away

Bit of Time Away

Sul Sul everyone!

I’m sorry I haven’t been active and posting lately. Me and my family have been hit with a very heart aching loss.

Grandad, My Sister, Me & Nana – 2014

My grandfather had been battling cancer for a few years now and unfortunately it spread to his brain and the treatments didn’t work. So all this month we have been rallying round to support my nana and also to spend time with my grandad and say our goodbyes.

Last week Wednesday was my turn to visit and say goodbye. It was heart-breaking but I managed to hold back my tears….until the song Stand By Me came on the radio just as my nan was running her hand through his hair and that’s when the barrier broke for the tears to fall!

Grandad & my youngest – early 2018

The next day at 8am I got the phone call I was dreading, my grandad had lost the fight and passed away in the early morning. It broke me but I was glad to of seen him the day before and it bringing a bit of comfort to my family knowing that he is now up there with my dad (who lost his battle with cancer nearly 10 years ago)…..father and son finally reunited <3.

So while I’m still mourning and grieving, I’ll be keeping all my builds posts on pause until after the 7th November where I’ll be back to catch up.

For now I’ll just say Thank You all for understanding, love to you all and a big **** YOU to cancer!!

Me, Grandad & My Sister – September 2021

Kimberley xoxo

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