An idea for The Sims food dishes!

I’m such a big Foodie! If I was a Sim, one of my traits would definitely be Foodie. I’m always cooking and baking – especially when it comes to comfort food or food just like your mum makes and it reminds you of home.

So one evening while playing a random saved game, I was watching one of the Sims cook and it got me thinking….what if I tried to recreate all the dishes that are available in the game, in real life and share the recipes with you guys and gals?! Dishes from the fridge, the BBQ, all the food stalls available and even the cupcake factory machine, there would be a huge variety to choose from to try at home yourselves!

After a lot more thinking and a glass of wine or two! I thought before I rush right into this idea, I’ll put out a poll to see what you all think first.

So take the poll…it’s a simple yes or no, and at the end of October we will see the results! If you have any feedback too then don’t be afraid to leave a comment or two 🙂

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