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Colour Legacy Challenge

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Hey everyone, I’m sorry I’ve been quiet for the past month. With the kid’s off school for the summer and then preparing them for a new school year and also some personal family things that have popped up, I’ve rarely had any time to myself to sit and create some new homes for our beloved Sims! Mine probably feel very neglected right now!

So for the last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about doing a Challenge and after scouring through soooo many (my mind is still spinning at how many there are!) I’ve chosen one to attempt that suits me perfectly. I’ve chosen the Colour Legacy Challenge.

I found this challenge on Tumblr by danixsimmer01. Reading through the ‘rules’ it’s quite like the Not So Berry Challenge but this one mainly concentrates on colours and what Sim characteristics are associated with that colour. So let’s get started!!!

When each Generation Heir reaches Young Adult and they move out of their parents/previous Generation, I will be creating them their own unique colourful home based on whatever colour is assigned. So be prepared for some wacky stylings but isn’t that part of the fun?! Haha 🙂

I’ve also created a family tree to keep track of each Generation within this challenge.

Colour Legacy Family Tree

Generation 1

Say Sul Sul to Trinity Rasoya. She is passionate about food and cooking and she aspires to be the greatest chef around who can retire on a fabulous wealth! Sadly poor Trinity died from overheating in blazing sun while gardening only 2 days away from becoming an Elder!! 🙁

Trinity kept her home, Red Ruby, modest as to show her 2 children that despite having money, hard work will always pay off in the long run.

Generation 2

Alicia was adopted into the Rasoya family from a toddler age and has been chosen to be the Heir for the 2nd Generation. After her mother died while she was a child, Alicia promised she will do her mother proud by carrying on the Legacy. Alicia adores her big brother, Nicholas, and they have such a strong bond. As a young adult, Alicia married her childhood friend & teenage sweetheart, Malakai. One night Alicia was approached by an agent during an open mic event at the local bar, to pursue a career as a comedian as Alicia had everyone in tears of laughter. From then she gone from strength to strength climbing high in the rankings. Alicia & Malakai have welcomed 3 children into the world Liana, Fredrick and Noelle.

Alicia didn’t hold back with her home, after inheriting her mother’s fortune Alicia wanted to build a home that was fun for everyone. So Orange Oasis was built, from hosting awesome parties to giving her family a loving home for many years to come.

Generation 3

Liana is the eldest child of the Bjergsen siblings and is the 3rd generation heir chosen to carry on the Colour Legacy. Liana was a true daddy’s little princess and they did everything together. One day Malakai bought Liana a piano, suddenly a passion & pure talent for playing piano was found within Liana and she spent every free moment developing her new skill. Liana started to crush on her brother’s best friend, Krishna. The more he came round to hang out the more Liana fell for him, so she was over the moon when Krishna asked her out on a date and from there the relationship blossomed. As soon as they were of age, they went and gotten eloped. A few days later, Liana found out she was pregnant…with twins!! Now the fun really begins. Sadly one spring morning while helping the twins in the garden tending the plants, Liana was attacked by a rabbit and sadly passed away!

Who doesn’t love a modern build, Liana certainly does and she added as much yellow as possible for her new home. She is proud of her home, Golden Yellows, and cannot wait to start the next chapter of her life in it and raise the twins in such a happy home.

Generation 4

(For this generation I’ll be playing Violet) Violet and Martina have been inseparable since birth. Both girls have loved the outdoors and spending every possible moment in their childhood garden surrounded by the many different plants their mother planted for them to care for together. Even after the trauma of losing their mother by killer rabbit, they didn’t give up on their love and passion for the outdoors and plants.

When Violet was a teen at High School she met Imran Watson, the eldest child of the beloved Watson family from Henford-on-Bagley but reconnected with him several years later when he asked for a date! After only 2 dates Violet & Imran decided to get eloped, they knew it was a rushed idea but they didn‘t care. Not long after coming back from the honeymoon, they were pregnant! Soon enough Christine was born and a couple of years later Jayla was born. Sadly Imran was killed by the Cowplant she was growing at home so she kept her focus on her children and plants.

Violet decided to build a duplex home, Joshua Duplex, so that she can have her sister and her growing family be right next door and have both their families grow up together as well as plenty of room outdoors to carry on the love of growing and nurturing their beloved plants.