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May Special – Houses from my Hometown

Throughout May I thought I would share some Sims houses that I created based on homes in and around my hometown.

From Victorian manor homes to homes originally built for factory workers and a very special famous school featured in literature and more known for creating a world renowned sport, my hometown really is steeped in a lot of history. So I’ll spend some time now talking a bit about it (sorry if it bores you)

Rugby Town

Rugby was classed as a small rural market town until middle of the 19th century when the town became a major hub for manufacturing and engineering and even today is still a major hub for engineering, warehousing and distribution of goods…from electrical engines for turbines to huge household names like Amazon, Britvic drinks and Sainsbury’s. There is a mix of old and modern buildings in and around Rugby and it just makes the charm of everything more appealing to know.

Rugby is also know to have one of the biggest cement works in the UK, Cemex.

If you ask anyone within Rugby about the works, you will get a majority of negativity with the same comments “its an eye sore”, which by the picture you can see its not the most attractive thing for a skyline view. You know when your nearing Rugby when you can spot this in the distant (on school trips/holidays it was always a marker to say we nearly home).

Though despite the negative feelings, the cement works do a special event of a tour and even takes you up to the top of the building and the views on a clear day are spectacular!

Rugby School is a UK and, now, world renowned boarding school for boys and girls, but when first founded in 1567 by Lawrence Sheriff, who was purveyor of spices to Queen Elizabeth I, it was a boys only school for many centuries until 1975 when 3 girls were admitted and from then more girls were admitted over the years. It was rumoured that actress Emma Watson was offered an admission spot into the school but turned it down (possibly due to then getting her big role in Harry Potter) but again it was a just a rumour that circulated for years!

One of two fame claims Rugby School has is the writer Thomas Hughes and his semi-autobiographical masterpiece Tom Brown’s Schooldays which he wrote based on the times he spent as a student at the school. In 2004 a TV dramatisation of the novel, starring Stephen Fry, was made and also the majority was filmed on location at Rugby School.

Later in Thomas Hughes life, he left England and set up a colony in USA for younger sons of English gentry who couldn’t inherit due to laws. Hughes named this new colony town Rugby and even to this day Rugby, Tennessee still exists and is a popular visitor attraction.

The second claim to fame Rugby has is of course the sport Rugby.

The invention of the game is credited to William Webb Ellis, a Rugby School pupil who, according to legend, broke the existing rules of football by picking up the ball and running with it at a match played in 1823. Although there is little evidence to support this story, the school is credited with codifying and popularising the sport. In 1845, three Rugby School pupils produced the first written rules of the “Rugby style of game” and its said that the original copy is still stored in the school.

But now rugby is played throughout the world and has some of the best teams and players. Currently the world champions are South Africa after winning the 2019 World Cup in Japan.

So that’s Rugby in a nutshell, just like any town or city we have our negatives but true Rugbieans are still proud of our hometown and the history that comes from it.

I hope you enjoy May’s Houses from my Hometown and your Sims enjoy the homes.

Houses from my Hometown

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