The Original Legacy Scoresheet

**UPDATE 03/09/2021: I know there have been a few new pack releases since I last updated the scoresheet, I am getting around to updating it – life and kids on summer holidays has halted me!**

The Original Legacy Challenge has always fascinated me. The sheer details put into this challenge is fabulous and definitely not for those who like casual game play! Now while I’m not brave enough yet to attempt this challenge (maybe one day!). Me and my nerd brain started loving the Scoresheets others have created.

Now while these other scoresheets are fabulous and the creators are amazing at creating them, most aren’t up to date so during the global lockdowns of the Covid-19 Pandemic, I decided to create my own scoresheet that is fully updated to the latest packs.

With the help of Hilliee & Becky’s own spreadsheets for a few formula help, my spreadsheet will hopefully help you keep track of what is going on in your Legacy Challenge.

As more packs get released I will keep this scoresheet updated!

Currently Up to Date to: Kits

Click here to download 🙂 ——> The Original Legacy Scoresheet Download <——

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