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Installing Lots into The Sims Game

Installing the downloaded homes and community lots is a pretty simple process that I will show you step by step.

Step 1 – Move into Tray File

Once the download has completed, you need to move the file into the Tray file. Highlight the downloaded file then click Move To then find Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Tray. The download will now be in the Tray

Step 2 – Extract the File

Now you need to take the contents out of the file. Double click on the zip file and inside you will see files like in the picture above. Use the Extract All button to extract the files into the Tray.

So now the Tray file should look like this.

Step 3 – Placing the Lot

All my home and community lots use bb.moveobjects & bb.showhiddenobjects so before going into the gallery, use Ctrl + Shift + C then type in testingcheats on. Once you do that type in the 2 bb. cheats and it will enable them. Now you can add the lot from the gallery.

Locate the house in your ‘My Library’

Click on the image and then press the Place Lot button to add the home into a empty lot.

And there you have it! Your downloaded home or community lot is now in your game and ready for your Sims to move in.

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